Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC) is doing their bit to support the impending plastic bag ban while promoting a more environmentally friendly region.

VSC Volunteer Ambassadors are offering all tourists flying into Sunshine Coast Airport a complimentary reusable bag for use during their visit and beyond.

VSC’s CEO Simon Latchford said the organisation is taking part to help educate our visitors on reducing their plastic waste in preparation for the single use plastic bag ban being introduced on July 1, 2018.

“Our environment is the biggest asset and attraction of the region and protecting it is essential to the future of our tourism industry.

“We have a responsibility to protect everything from our beaches and waterways through to our national parks and rainforests.

“This initiative is a great way to welcome our visitors and show them that we are serious about caring for our environment and we encourage them to do the same,” added Mr Latchford.

Meggie Davey is visiting the Sunshine Coast with her family from New South Wales.

“I have a whole stock of bags I use at home for shopping, but I haven’t bought any away on holidays. What a great idea – this will be very handy to use during our stay!”

Woolworths will become the first major supermarket to ban free plastic bags from all stores from this week, with other retailers to follow suit from July 1 – when the new statewide laws come into effect.

The Queensland Government has revealed about one billion single-use lightweight plastic bags are used in the state per year, with about 16 million littering the environment.

The free VSC reusable bags will be distributed to visitors at the Sunshine Coast Airport Visitor Information Centre from today through to 1 July.