Sub Regional Panel

Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC) has established a dedicated Sub Regional Panel (SRP) of key industry representatives providing consistent and inclusive consultation from the four sub regions, including Caloundra to Kawana; Sunshine Coast Hinterland; Maroochydore to Mooloolaba; and Coolum to Eumundi.

The SRP will act as a conduit between tourism industry stakeholders in their respective sub-regions and VSC and will actively participate in developing of appropriate marketing plans and strategies with the goal of driving visitation and destination awareness.


The goal of the SRP is to play an important role in shaping the direction of marketing and promotion in each sub region with the aim of building sub regional commitment culminating in a strong and unified Sunshine Coast brand.

Represent the interests of the industry from within each respective sub region and act as a conduit for two way communication between sub regions and VSC.

Work toward the common goal of increased destination awareness and visitation, putting measures in place to monitor achievements.

Shape the direction and drive support for marketing and promotional initiatives of each sub region

Build a strong sub regional commitment culminating in a unified Sunshine Coast brand.

The SRP will be made up of sub-regional industry representatives who have a strong interest and relevant experience in the tourism industry with a well-developed network of industry stakeholders.

 Sub Regions
Caloundra to Kawana Caloundra Region
Kawana Region
Sunshine Coast Hinterland Glasshouse Mountains / Maleny / Montville
Maroochydore to Mooloolaba Maroochydore Region
Mooloolaba Region
Coolum to Eumundi Mudjimba to Coolum Region
Eumundi Region

The SRP will comprise of up to eight (8) members in total representing key tourism sub regions across the Sunshine Coast

SUNSHINE COAST HINTERLAND Hinterland Tourism Sunshine Coast

Kerry Brown – Hinterland Tourism Sunshine Coast

Nambour Region

Tim Smith – Nambour Alliance

COOLUM – EUMUNDI Eumundi Region

Louise Formosa – Eumundi Chamber of Commerce

Mudjimba to Coolum Region

Mark Cameron – Coolum Business & Tourism


Scott Hoskins – Maroochy Chamber of Commerce

Mooloolaba Region

Brett Thompson – Mooloolaba Chamber of Commerce


Gavin Hocking – Caloundra Tourism

Kawana Region

John Orning – Kawana Chamber of Commerce

Destination Promotion Program

Visit Sunshine Coast has established a Destination Promotion Program (DPP) to partner with sub regional groups, via the Sub Regional Panel, to maximise the marketing and promotion in each sub region with the aim of building sub regional commitment culminating in a strong and unified Sunshine Coast brand.

Each sub region will develop an annual marketing plan, outlining the sub regions target markets, unique marketing strategies (developed in alignment with the Sunshine Coast brand pillars) and proposed promotional initiatives.  VSC will facilitate all activities under the program, providing marketing expertise and program support to minimiSe the demands placed on the SRP representatives and sub regional partners.

VSC has allocated funds in the 2018/19 financial year to undertake sub regional marketing and promotional activity via the DPP. VSC’s total allocation to this program will be capped at $250,000. VSC will utilise these funds for sub regional initiatives

Sub Regional Creative

Sub Regional Video

Sub Regional Creative