Sunshine Coast, Naturally refreshing is the foundation of all Visit Sunshine Coast communication. This brand helps to position the Sunshine Coast as Australia’s premier destination for a revitalising holiday.

A strong brand strategy is essential to ensure a consistent message in a highly competitive marketplace. To showcase the depth of hero and visitor experiences available on the Sunshine Coast, all messaging relates back to the five brand pillars of beachside cultureinnovative foodwonders of nature, immersive encounters, and exhilarating events.

Visit Sunshine Coast provides brand elements and resources for all members to use in their advertising, enabling local tour operators to take advantage of the Naturally refreshing positioning. This approach allows members to gain instant destination awareness for their business and creates a larger marketing voice for the Sunshine Coast.

If you are a local tourism company that would like to utilise this brand for marketing, please note that there are strict guidelines which must be adhered to. Please contact our Marketing department via email [email protected] to receive a copy of the Sunshine Coast brand elements.